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Helping Engage & Grow Audiences for 40+ Years

Norman Hecht Research is an industry-leading, Long Island-based market research firm focusing primarily in the media industry. Our high quality services have helped us build an impressive client roster of media companies throughout the country, most of whom we have been partnering with for many years.  

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Our Story

Our Story

When Norman Hecht, the company founder, left Arbitron Television to start his own business over 40 years ago, the mission was clear: we needed a strong advocate for customers. In its first iteration, as Information & Analysis (I&A), Norm and his team worked to advocate for local and national media companies to improve the ways in which the measurement services were measuring viewership.  I&A was involved in the early days of cable television measurement and program/pilot testing. It was acquired by AGB Research PLC in 1983 and was involved in introducing people meter television measurement to the United States.  

In 1985 Norman Hecht Research, Inc. was formed to continue the important work of advocating for client rights with media measurement companies. Throughout its history, NHR has been an agent of change in the way audiences are measured. NHR uses its deep knowledge of the methods and practices of audience measurement companies and its clear understanding of client needs, issues and bottom line effect on their businesses to continue to push the boundaries of measurement.

A major milestone and evolution of NHR was the expansion into providing custom audience research, inspired by our clients' frustrations with research being at odds with audience currency data.  For over 30 years we have been providing some of the highest quality, most actionable custom audience research in the industry.  

NHR applies the lessons learned throughout its long history to tackle the challenges facing our clients today in a multi-platform world.  NHR is committed to keeping our finger on the pulse of the behaviors and priorities of consumers as they evolve. 

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